ygidorp: It's driving me nuts everyone in SA seems to be saying "business as usual", when it looks to me things are finally hitting the fan. Mar 23, 2020 11:13:02 GMT 10
steve: where are the christian preppers from Queensland Australia??? Mar 23, 2020 12:28:16 GMT 10
steve: panic and fear are what THE ELITES WANT, they are stripping the ecconomy b4 they CRASH IT. Mar 23, 2020 12:31:08 GMT 10
spinifex: Agreed ygidorp. My nearest rural centre here on Eyre Peninsula seems quite edgy this morning. Supermarkets skun out big time. Not many smiling faces and waaaay to much traffic and shopping going on for a Monday morning. Mar 23, 2020 13:37:09 GMT 10
selfsufficient: Interesting to see people queued nice and tightly outside centrelink offices hoping to get extra money. Not an ounce of social distancing to be seen Mar 23, 2020 14:03:39 GMT 10
kokiri10: Hi Mar 23, 2020 19:28:39 GMT 10
kokiri10: I'm just doing some research on edible plants in Australia, foraging, permaculture farms etc. Does anyone have any good resources they could share? Hoping there will be an opportunity to utilise these skills in quiet and calmer times but who knows ay Mar 23, 2020 19:30:38 GMT 10
ygidorp: I'm a big fan of the weed forager's handbook. Australian centric, too. Mar 23, 2020 20:40:58 GMT 10
SA Hunter: Further restrictions being implimented tonight by the Govt. Mar 24, 2020 21:43:41 GMT 10
SA Hunter: Prince Charles tests positive for coronavirus. Mar 25, 2020 20:56:50 GMT 10
qpp: Hi Mar 25, 2020 22:47:24 GMT 10
blueshoes: Hi qpp Mar 27, 2020 12:28:16 GMT 10
pugs: Hey everyone , how’s everyone chilling , are we all prepped and watching the sheep panic and carry on over the smallest item . Mar 27, 2020 19:43:49 GMT 10
pugs: Our bosses told us today we won’t be locking down as we’ve been classed as essential service ☹️ Mar 27, 2020 19:44:43 GMT 10
Aussie_Scout: Going out for another ammo run tomorrow , one can never have enough . Mar 27, 2020 20:11:35 GMT 10
blueshoes: shop might be shut already Mar 27, 2020 20:16:05 GMT 10
Aussie_Scout: Not as yet Blueshoes , But who knows what tomorrow might bring Mar 27, 2020 20:31:57 GMT 10
blueshoes: well, i hope they're open and you find ammo you can use Mar 27, 2020 21:00:52 GMT 10
thereth: Greeting from the Soviet state of WA Mar 27, 2020 22:21:03 GMT 10
pugs: Doing an extra food and ammo run also today only because I have to go to regional northern Vic anyway so the wife is coming along as copilot for the day Mar 28, 2020 5:02:51 GMT 10
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