blueshoes: Thanks SAH Jul 16, 2020 11:28:04 GMT 10
SA Hunter: G'day all - nice cold night for a glass or four glasses of red. Jul 16, 2020 20:26:01 GMT 10
Joey: Pass on the red on a cold night, 17yrs sober :P Jul 16, 2020 20:28:09 GMT 10
SA Hunter: That's a fair achievement Joey - good on ya! Jul 16, 2020 20:39:11 GMT 10
SA Hunter: Hi all - just back from my bol - bone tired, but feel pretty good. Jul 19, 2020 14:42:22 GMT 10
spinifex: Sounds like progress was made. Got any pics? Jul 19, 2020 14:47:45 GMT 10
SA Hunter: Phone went flat. I'm going out again in a few days to plant more trees, so will take some then. Jul 19, 2020 15:00:04 GMT 10
Jaffa: Anyone know what's happened to Peter, haven't seen him post for ages Jul 21, 2020 15:02:28 GMT 10
SA Hunter: HI All - Mr Pete flat out with work atm. He'll be around soon. Jul 21, 2020 16:58:25 GMT 10
Jaffa: OK Thanks SA H, good to hear that Jul 21, 2020 17:10:55 GMT 10
SA Hunter: Morning - SA has a hard lockdown with Vic as of midnight. Jul 28, 2020 12:31:45 GMT 10
SA Hunter: Well, weekend looking good for the bol - will take pics - hoping to do the floor all going well, and some more planting. Jul 30, 2020 19:31:48 GMT 10
pugs: Looks like Dan has totally lost control here in Vic , we’re pretty much cactus here now .... Jul 30, 2020 21:06:36 GMT 10
SA Hunter: Hi all - Stage 4 lockdowns in Vic. Aug 2, 2020 16:26:05 GMT 10
pugs: all hells cut loose and Dan is in panic mode with curfews and much harder restrictions , shits on like donkey kong Aug 2, 2020 18:58:57 GMT 10
blueshoes: Noooooooooo.... Also, Dan is currently on a pressconf talking about how "there's no need for anyone to be stocking up on months of groceries, the grocery stores will stay open" Aug 3, 2020 15:37:17 GMT 10
blueshoes: Also, apparently there's going to be a permit system coming soon so people can be not harrassed by cops for going to work etc.... hmm Aug 3, 2020 16:28:53 GMT 10
blueshoes: Dan andrews mentioned permits at about an hour in to today's press conference Aug 3, 2020 16:34:44 GMT 10
kelabar: Hmm, a politician says no need buy months of groceries. Translation: buy a heap of groceries because you are going to need them. Or maybe they are telling the truth...nah, that'll never happen! Aug 3, 2020 22:11:50 GMT 10
SA Hunter: kelabar - in other words "I've got nothing at home, so I need to get to the supermarket before anyone else does'. Yeah, when a politician says the sky is blue, chances are it's not. Believe your gut before a Politician. Aug 4, 2020 17:19:52 GMT 10
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